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and buckle. Fine wool green body with blue skirts and maroon piping. Group consists of a 39-45 Star, Africa Star with rica bar, Atlantic Star bar France and Germany and War Medal. Kriegsmarine Officer's Breast Eagle. Polished alloy pinback badge, numbered to the reverse patinated overall, good condition. Returning to UK Percival joined 271 Sqn. WW2 German postcard with paratrooper subject. Sellotape repair to the Admiralty condolence letter.

Multi-piece construction, printed pennant or flag. In generally, clean condition with wrapping present to chocolate which is cracked and deformed but still present. Delay and crushed, ate through a celluloid washer which retained a striker. Osborne Co Ltd of Sheffield, batch number. Originally the explosive charge was 70 black powder with the addition of baryte nitrate and potassium perchlorate, fitted with a seven second fuze. WW2 German/Italian ' Afrika ' souvenir cigarette case.

A superb, high quality example of the Royal Marine Colour Sergeant's arm badge. Pencilled cutters or embroiderers marks to reverse with clear evidence of having been removed from a uniform. Mint condition luftwaffe breast eagle One of the items from the smallsouvenir collection I purchased. WW1 German M15 Shoulder Board for the 26th Division (1st Royal W├╝rttemberg) (26. Faintly manufacturer marked RZM M4/30 cast into leading edge of reverse. Another red linen armband with 'bevo' construction white circle and swastika.

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Mine Clearance Service Grouping. 1942, War Office publication ' A Guide to the Identification of German Units '. Brass box, designed by Messrs Adshead Ramsey containing 1914 Christmas card in with accompanying small portrait photograph of Princess Mary. Most appear to be unpublished images, all annotated to the reverse, some in considerable detail with map coordinates, dates, locations and nearest British unit. Buckle and the other keeper are in beautifully cast brushed aluminium. Complete with its original, strengthened card packaging and label. This example machine woven in rayon and in good, used condition showing clear signs of having been removed from a uniform. Large gilt third reich buckle FOR navy parade belt.

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