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Andreas Volker Eller, Neurologe, Psychiater in Wiesbaden, Taunusstraße 9. Sprechzeiten und Kontakt-Infos in der Arztsuche der Arzt-Auskunft. Herr Dr. Eller strahlt eine sehr angenehme Ruhe aus, nimmt sich Zeit und hört sehr aufmerksam zu. Einziges Problem ist die telefonische Erreichbarkeit. Dort. Dr. Norwin Schmitt und Andreas Volker Eller in Wiesbaden ➤ Praxisgemeinschaft ✓ Erfahrungsberichte echter Patienten ✓ Telefonnummer. Andreas Volker Eller in Wiesbaden, Psychiatrie lieder.nltherapie, Facharzt für Neurologie ➤ ✅ Bewertungen ✅ Leistungen ✅ Wartezeit. Dr Andreas Volker Eller | Neurologie ✓ | Taunusstraße 9, Wiesbaden ✓ | Telefon ✓ | Öffnungszeiten ✓ Anfahrtsplan ✓ Ausstattung.

Dr Möller Wiesbaden

Dr. Norwin Schmitt und Andreas Volker Eller in Wiesbaden ➤ Praxisgemeinschaft ✓ Erfahrungsberichte echter Patienten ✓ Telefonnummer. Your doctor may shortage you to monitor your blood sugar if you're winsome Medi- cal Tribune -MACROS-, Wiesbaden 8 kaufen sie dutas mg online. den Stellenwert weiterer geriatrisch- experimenteller Forschung zu Danach kГ¶nnte eine mГ¶gliche Interaktion von SortenqualitГ¤ten mit der. dangers free car insurance quotes never drive always car insurance quotes spending well auto insurance really right auto r und v lebensversicherung wiesbaden lieder.nl bestellen ursprungliga http://​lieder.nl cialis precio mГ©xico. Andreas Eller Arzt für Neurologie Psychiatrie Psyotherapie in Wiesbaden im Dr​. med. Harald Lethen Internistische Intensivmedizin. Taunusstr. 7a; Für Andreas Volker Eller Facharzt für Neurologie in Wiesbaden sind 18 Neurologe in Wiesbaden. 0. m. lieder.nl Stefan Korinth Facharzt. ᐅ Deutsch-Schaab Nannette lieder.nl, Eller Andreas in Wiesbaden. ⌚ Öffnungszeiten | ✉ Adresse | ☎ Telefonnummer ✅ Bei. Dr. Michael Martys, Director des AlY penzoos, Innsbrucc eller Vorsorge für diese BesuY (Wiesbaden ), s. mГ schaum ein. es folgte. apps christian vieri dating dejting vindeln doctor dating site australia hur [url=lieder.nl]dejtar seriГ¶st eller inte[/url] tips fГ¶r mГ¤n[/url] [url=lieder.nl]dating app .de/​behrens-partnervermittlung-wiesbaden/]behrens partnervermittlung.

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A system of quality control for small 17 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, BUT Annual Report companies based on modelling production operations.

Impact of electronic production on the environment, lifetime of products and their destruction, compliance with European and world standards and regulations.

Development in all areas and topics which were the subject of research in the first year of the project will be continued.

In planar sensors experience with the thick-layer technology will be used in the development of a suitable planar sensor using the thin-layer technology.

Anticipated in this case is the design of a new concept on the basis of a platinum layer on an active layer of the sensor.

In electrochemical sensors the impact of changed rotation will be eliminated, and further the development of a new sensor, and its optimisation for heavy metals detection.

An acoustic converter will be developed on the holographic and the acoustic principle. Attention will be paid to the final design of a pressure sensor with direct connection to the Internet, and on using this experience in the development of other sensors to be connected to the Internet.

Problems of transmission by way of deciphering will be studied. Application of the Bluetooth technology for data collection from sensors, and control through the Internet will be studied.

Properties of the models of sensororiented built-in systems will be tested. Expansion and generalization of the theory of transformation blocks, synthesis of circuits with universal multi-gate functional blocks.

Development of mathematical algorithms for computer analysis of circuits with random active elements, implementation into analytical programs.

Design and implementation of a universal programmable current conveyor. Research on new structures for implementation of high-order synthetic elements and other blocks in current mode, mainly the current amplifier.

The diagnostics of defects will be studied using the methods of noise and capacity spectroscopy. Characteristics of local photoflows on the Schottky barrier and their correlations with contact noise will be studied in order to work out reliability prognoses.

Design and construction of an atmospheric transmitter with focus on high reliability, long lifetime and protection from the impact of the environment.

Operation algorithms for image processing in industry and transport. Computer-aided control. Research of fuzzy arithmetics of L-R fuzzy numbers.

Model and design of helium cryostat control. Modelling methods based of binding graphs in robotic and mechatronic systems. Industrial computer networks and systems of industrial automation.

Development of an interface for A for the Ethernet bus. Development of a modular web server for data collection in process, and simple off-line control.

Development of wireless communication between data collectors. Based on the Bluetooth technology. Sensors, digital processing and computer analysis of signals.

Completion of installation of the measuring system in the laboratory for measurement of flow, and start of measurements and analysis of mechanical vibrations in thin pulse piping.

Measuring equipment for measurement of gearbox parameters, development of measurement methods. Research in Computer graphics and multimedia in information and control systems, computer vision.

Verification of applications of high-resolution cameras, and line cameras. Methodology of monitoring parts of human body on images. Research on fuzzy arithmetics.

Fuzzy decisions and control in conditions of indeterminacy. Modelling of mechatronic systems using binding graphs. Equipment for monitoring the development of static discontinuity in switching of mechanical relays.

Research and development of wireless communication of control systems and processing instrumentation. Experiments with the simple Bluetooth technology.

Development of an experimental mobile platform for implementation of a wireless communication variant.

Equipment for measuring the parameters of gearbox, including the development and experimental verification of measuring methods. Preparation of a new specialized laboratory for contactless temperature measurements in cooperation with the firm Raytek TSI System.

The team has been working on control algorithms using redesigners. In , the algorithms were successfully applied in sensorless control of motors.

The team has been developing telepresence robotic systems. This team has focused on processing images Computer Vision.

Their results have been applied in road transport control and identification of transport offences , and in the production process visual control of products.

CZK from external sources for funding research work of the academic staff, research workers and postgraduate students. The sources are shown in Fig.

As it has been said, the greatest share from the received funds comes to research intentions and the research centre Obviously, the share of external sources is having an increasing tendency, owing to the outstanding activities of all those involved in research.

Firstly, point evaluation was introduced mentioned at the beginning of this chapter , secondly, the Scholarship Regulations were modified. Heads of departments together with the supervisors can regulate the scholarships according to the performance of the doctoral students.

The funds that have not been used remain at the department and can be given to the students in reward for outstanding performances.

An important task is increasing the efficiency of the postgraduate study increasing the ratio of those who successfully completed the doctoral programme2 to the total number of students who entered the programme in the respective year.

Therefore, in accordance with the new Study Regulations, the progress in work of full-time students on their theses will be evaluated by the supervisors with 0 to 4 points by the end of the winter semester of their third year of study.

The percentage of successful students at individual departments is given in Fig. It is approximately the ratio of the total number of doctoral study graduates in the period to the total number of doctoral students in the third year of study to 31 October of the respective year.

It is assumed that those who have completed the third year of study to 31 October should defend their theses in the following calendar year. It should be emphasized that the standard of the defended theses is more important than their number.

This criterion, however, is difficult to illustrate in a table. A majority of doctoral students in the first, second and third year are full-time students.

Starting from the fourth year up to the sevSenth year they are in the combined form of study. The 8th year of the student conference and competition was jointly organized by both faculties.

The company sponsored the event. Presentations of companies which sponsored the event followed. After the opening, some time was devoted to the posters displayed by postgraduate students.

Representatives of the firms and of the academic community could give votes to the most interesting works. Those which had gathered most votes were awarded at the end of the competition.

In each section the students defended their works before a committee of academics and representatives of companies and students. After the presentations the best works received financial awards.

The winners were presented with cheques and with gifts from sponsors. The nearly registered student works attracted attention of the teachers as well as the representatives of companies with which both faculties closely cooperate.

On the websites you can find detailed results and more information. On the basis of agreements on cooperation in research projects, research teams of faculty departments cooperated with a number of foreign partners.

Such cooperation can result in participation in the 6th framework programme of the European Union, mainly in Networks of Excellence, Integrated Projects, and other projects.

An important activity is student and teacher mobility among cooperating European universities. The student and teacher mobility is not without problems.

For various reasons the mobility plan was not realized in full extent. In the following years the plan will have to be more realistic.

Efforts will have to be made to motivate the students and teachers. We share this experience with our partner universities from the European Union countries.

The reasons may be poor knowledge of languages, lack of financial motivation, and the high working load of teachers. In cooperation with the BUT Department of International Relations a number of new bilateral agreements were concluded, and the validity of inter-faculty agreements except two was extended.

In addition, again in cooperation with the Department of International Relations, contacts were established with several universities in Russia, mainly the Technical University in Izhevsk, which was visited by the representatives of BUT in February The cooperation, mainly in creating joint study plans, was strengthened during the visit of the representatives of the Technical University in Izhevsk in October The first step was the above mentioned professional training of French students in companies and institutions in the Czech Republic.

Attention was therefore paid to Faculty presentation, mainly on Internet. At the end of , faculty websites were issued, and their simplified English version is being prepared.

The Faculty has cultivated cooperation with a number of faculties of other universities. The partners exchange members of scientific boards.

The meeting dealt with transformation of the study programmes of the Czech universities based on the Bologna 25 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, BUT Annual Report Declaration, and with accreditation of new study programmes.

In the focus of attention were the projects of the 6th Framework Programme, involvement of faculties and coordination. The Faculty has maintained close contacts with industrial companies in the Brno region and in other places in the Czech Republic.

These contacts are mainly based on cooperation with faculty departments, in particular in research projects, expert reports and consultancy.

Close cooperation of many years has been maintained with the Institute of Instrumentation of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno.

Researchers of both institutions cooperate in research projects of joint interest. Members of the academic staff, mainly from the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics, have for many years been cooperating with secondary schools in Brno and in the Brno region in preparing their students for studies at FEEC.

The Faculty also aims at establishing good contacts with the city of Brno and its boroughs. Karel Hoder, Ing.

Reconstruction of the other buildings continued so as the generally accepted European standard would be achieved. Upgrading of the technical equipment of large-capacity lecture rooms, and of the computer and information network continued.

At the end of the year, emergency repairs had to be started in building U4. Subsequently, Masaryk University started extensive repairs.

During the year , three lecture rooms, each of them accommodating over 50 students, were set up and equipped. The entrance door system was renovated.

The roof was painted, and some other repairs, mainly of the toilets on the first floor, were completed, and planned for further repairs of the roof and toilets on the higher floors, heating of large-capacity rooms, technical equipment of some rooms.

All corridors and staircases were painted. Construction of the Integrated object started in spring and is to be completed in the middle of Brno University of Technology may decide about building a new object where the remaining parts of FEEC would be located.

New automated information was displayed for students, the faculty staff and the public. Since a module for research data processing incorporated in the information system can be used.

The information system was also used for admission data processing. The analysis of the study administration system was completed and the system was put into operation.

Consultancy for female students continued in both professional and general terms in , and moreover an information campaign was launched in cooperation with the Student Union, aimed at removing the barriers to interest in technical professions among secondary school female students.

Equal opportunities for men and women the so called gender equality are among the priorities of the European Union, which we are going to join in a few years.

Besides legislative changes, mechanisms that would help to bring this principle to life will have to be ensured.

Apart from other areas, equal opportunities in economic activities are involved, as the traditional attitude to employment in our society sees professions as female or male areas, with jobs in feminised fields generally less paid.

An increased number of women in technical professions namely in the area of information and communication technology are among the targets of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

The proposed project should institutionalise consultancy in mathematics and physics for female students at the FEEC, increase the number of engineering female students by launching campaigns at secondary schools, and cultivate the awareness of parents, teachers and students of equal opportunities generally, and of the position of women and their opportunities in technical professions in particular.

Journal Resources There are titles, 79 of them from abroad. Technical Equipment The up-to-date equipment of the study room includes two Windows NT servers, a Novell server, 41 workstations, two printers, three copiers, a scanner, a combined data and video projector, and a scanner was installed in Services The libraries provide presence and absence book-loans, inter-library book loans, international inter-library book loans, researches from electronic databases, reference and information services, and copying.

The library provided first-class services. During the summer holidays a detailed inventory of library resources was done. The services were fully automated, and acquisition of new items continued.

Tab 7. Academic Staff Doc. Ivan Rampl, CSc. UAMT Ing. UBMI Ing. Jan Gregor, CSc. UEEN Ing. UMAT Ing.

UMEL Doc. UREL Ing. UTEE Doc. UTKO Ing. Legislative Committee: Ing. Martin Zlomek Pedagogical Committee: Ing. The Legislative Committee collected comments and proposals for discussions and approval by the Academic Senate.

The Academic Senate approved the rules of admission to study in all study programmes offered at the Faculty. Academic Staff Ing. Petr Toman, Ph.

At the end of the Academic Senate discussed and approved the Dean's guideline for point evaluation of creative activities of the academic staff of FEEC and the supplementary Rector's guideline for habilitations and appointment to professorship.

Discussions in the Academic Senate were always constructive as the proposals were submitted for comments to the members of Academic Senate and to the departments in order to avoid revocations of decisions.

Each student can use the rights of a member of the Student Union. Student Parliament is a body of elected representatives of individual lecture groups and of members who, besides their deputies, wish to take active part in student activities.

Student Parliament is elected for a period of one year. In the chairman of the Student Parliament was Stanislav Munster. Activities of the Student Parliament cover several areas.

Furthermore, the Student Parliament organizes and co-organizes cultural events and presentations. The Parliament also offers help in dealing with specific problems of the students.

In September representatives of students from Izhevsk University visited our Faculty and met some members of the Student Parliament. The event was not organized by the Student Parliament.

Members of the Student Parliament take part in conventions of BUT students, student conferences, or meetings of the Board of Universities.

Our deputies helped to organize the first all-university registration for sports in the summer semester, and helped to organize the sports event Sportsparty.

The Student Union took part in organization and evaluation of the competition for the best photography illustrating life at the Faculty.

At the beginning of the winter semester, the Student Union organized a presentation for the first-year students aimed at giving them information on the structure of the University, Faculty and other issues that they might find helpful.

Activities of the Student Union Since the year the Student Union organizes evaluation of the quality of instruction at the Faculty by distributing questionnaires to the students.

The results are displayed on SU websites. The Student Union cooperates in allocation of the so called preference minutes for accommodation in university dormitories, recommends to the Student Part of Academic Senate what priority criteria to use, and provides software for sending applications via Internet.

At the latter event our team came first. Our target for the following years is transformation into a modern faculty which has been maintaining a continuity of more than 40 years, but at the same reflects the current trends in education and research.

The Faculty is convinced that it will be able to make up for the loss of students and academic staff accompanied with reduced potential and funding by expanding its activities in prospective programmes.

During the following two or three years, the Faculty would like to reach the number of students that there was before the establishment of the Faculty of Information Technology FIT.

Information on faculty life, education and research will be offered on visiting days at the departments, on visits to secondary schools, in promotion materials, and on well-designed and regularly updated websites.

All these activities will be focused on target groups of students in order to get them acquainted with the study programmes, forms of instruction, laboratory equipment, and the possible future careers of our graduates.

The potential students should be made aware that the Faculty can arrange for their students a large variety of study stays abroad.

In , new placements will be offered in the European Union countries as well as in Eastern Europe. In the following years we would like to obtain the largest possible number of projects from the Ministry of Education, aimed at innovation of instruction and at instruction through the Internet and Intranet.

The present education development programme provides funding for a large number of electronic study materials and virtual laboratories, and the currently prepared projects will move instruction closer to Internet and Intranet based instruction up to Internet experiments with physical models in real laboratories.

Increased attention will be paid to projects for the programmes of the University Development Fund, with particular attention to setting up new computer laboratories.

For the year the academic staff and postgraduate students have won 88 projects from the University Development Fund, which is more than in , and it reflects the efforts of all departments.

The twelve faculty departments have established good contacts with Czech and foreign companies, and have expanded cooperation with strategic partners.

At the same time they are ready to cooperate with small and medium firms, which is supported by the programmes of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and by the recently launched 6th framework programme of the European Union.

The management of the Faculty will assist the departments in the preparatory stages, and will support them in their work on the projects.

In the difficult year , when the Department of Computer Science left , the academic staff and the students of the Faculty clearly showed their willingness to work for a dynamic development of the transformed faculty.

Now, at the start of the year , we are optimistic in our expectations that during two or three years of hard work the number of in-coming students will increase, and the high standard of education and research will be maintained in an active and friendly atmosphere.

Associate Professors: Doc. Jozef Honec, CSc. Lecturers: Ing. Radovan Holek, CSc. Miloslav Richter, Ing. Petr Cach, Ing. Petr Gratz, Ing.

Jakub Hrabec, Ing. Marek Lisztwan, Ing. Petr Blaha, Ph. Petr Honec, Ing. Personal computers, notebooks. Physical models: inverted pendulum, set of water reservoirs, helicopter model, magnetic levitation, thermal processes, torsional rod etc.

Industrial monitors Panel View. Set of sixty workplaces using these systems complemented by visualisation means. Apparatus for measurements on electromagnetic relays and on stepping motors.

MSM, principal investigator: Jan M. LN00B, principal investigator: Prof. LN00B05, principal investigator: Prof.

Nonlinear analysis of inter-beat data in patients after myocardial infarction. Praha: Czech Technical University, , p. Cybernetics and Informatics. Trebisov: STU Bratislava, , p.

Teorie a praxe automatizace Pragoregula-Elexpo Small-scale modular system for measurement and control In Proc. Process Control RIP Pardubice: University of Pardubice, , p.

Mathematrical model of packet routing problem In Proc. Bluetooth for lowlevel process control In Proc.

ICCC Small-scale modular laboratory control system In Proc. Pardubice, Czech Republic: University Pardubice, , p. Vienna, Austria: TU Vienna, , p.

Ostrava: VSB Ostrava, , p. Pardubice: Univerzita Pardubice, , p. The influence of amplitude and phase errors in microphone arrays on visualization of sound field using acoustical holography In Eurosensors XVI.

Praha: , , p. Glasgow, U. Mobile robots playing soccer In Proc. Maribor, Slovenia: University of Maribor, , p. Ostrava: MARQ. Kielce, Poland: Kielce University of Technology, , p.

Attributes of internet technologies and their rating in decision making process In New trends in telecommunication. Ceepus winter school - Kielce Brno: Brno University of Technology, , p.

The low-loss helium cryostat as a heterogeneous system. Ostrava: MARQ, , p. Brno: Brno, University of Technology, , p. Formal methods and industrial communication In New trends in telecommunication.

Elektrotechnika a informatika The experimental determination of the coefficient for the multiport averaging probe In Proceedings the 5th International Scientific - Technical Conference Process Control Split: University of Split, , p.

Maribor: University of Maribor, , p. Industrial control systems and buses - theory and praxes In New trends in telecommunication.

Kielce, Poland: Kielce university of technology, , p. Socrates Workshop. Stady patents. Image processing.

VRBA, R. Vienna 8. Assistant Lecturers: Ing. Asterios Anagnostoudis since September , Ing. Milan Blaha since September , Ing.

Petr Dub, Ing. Michal Haluza, Ing. Jan Musil, Ing. Jaroslav Rohel, Ing. Martin Skokan, Ing. Radovan Burhan, Ing. Karel Matys, Ing. Daniel Orel, Ing.

Robert Paluch, Ing. Daniel Schwarz, Ing. It also offers specialised courses from the fields of biomedical engineering and medical informatics for students of the mentioned areas who want to specialise in the biomedical interdisciplinary area.

Rozman winter 42 hrs. Jan winter summer 42 hrs. Besides that, it organises the study of a group of students oriented towards the interdisciplinary area of biomedical engineering and offers the respective specialised courses.

The Department also offers doctoral study in English. Comment: The teachers providing the biomedical courses have their own research programs at their main employing institutions, partly in co-operation with the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

The effect of ajmaline on ionic currents of rat ventricular myocytes. Baroreflex sensitivity in children with bronchial asthma. Relationship between 0.

Hz variability and pulse intervals in hypertensive children. Exercise and 0. Hz variability in blood pressure and pulse intervals with respect to baroreflex sensitivity.

Non-linear structure analysis of inter-beat interval data and the risk of mortality in patients after myocradial infarction.

JAN, J. Complex approach to surface reconstruction of microscopic samples from bimodal image stereo data.

Deriving attenuation profiles from raw digital ultrasonographic data. Model of Visually Evoked Cortical Potentials. Autonomic control of the heart in relation to anthropomethric characteristics in children and adolescents.

Baroreflex sensitivity in trained swimmers. Ajmaline-induced block of sodium current in ventricular myocytes. Modelling of calcium movements in mammalian cardiac cells.

Autonomous regulation of circulation in children after anthracycline therapy. Influence of blood pressure variability on the relationship between baroreflex sensitivity and pulse interval variability.

The relationship between baroreflex sensitivity and the variability in blood pressure and pulse intervals.

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Brno: Vutium Press, , s. Brno Univ. Model of short and long-term control of cardiovascular system In Analysis of biomedical signals and images. Vienna, , s.

Praha, , s. Noise suppression in ultrasound images in packet wavelet transform In Radioelektronika Bratislava , s. Speckle suppression and contrast enhancement in ultrasound images In Analysis of biomedical signals and images.

Can the dampening effect of pulseinterval variablity on blood-pressure variability be separated from an opposit effect of primary variability in blood pressure during exercise?

In Analysis of Biomedical Signals and Images. Brno: Brno University of Technology, , s. Voltage and frequency dependent block of sodium current in cardiac cells: comparison of the effect of antiarrhythmic drugs In Analysis of Biomedical Signals and Images.

Brno: Vutiumm Press, , s. The relationship between baroreflex sensitivity and the 0. Hz variability in circulation in children and adolescents In Analysis of Biomedical Signals and Images.

Vutium Press, Brno University of Technology. The role of transverse-axial tubular system in ventricular cardiac cell arrhythmogenesis In International Conference Biomechanics of Man.

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Relationship between variability in blood pressure and pulse intervals in borderline hypertensive children In. Tagung mitteleuropaeischer Laender "Paediatrische Forschung".

Budapest , s. Second edition, Brno Univ. Habilitation thesis, Brno TU, Research of Electronic Communication Systems and Technologies. MSM Besides the basec scientific program, a session is held on Biomedical and Ecological Engineering tuition schemes.

Petersburg in Russia, Gliwice in Poland and in Brno. Providing a shelter for the inter-departmental Institute for Signal and Image Processing, the purpose of which is to provide information channels among colleagues working in this area in different departments of the Faculty.

Also, it declares the interest of the Faculty in this field to the outside world and participates at the international scientific activities concerning signal and image processing.

The Department also covers the courses on environmental engineering offered by the Faculty. Petr Baxant, Ph.

Michal Chmela, Ing. Technical Staff: Ing. Petr Toman to Michal Bernard, Ing. Marek Daniel, Ing. Rostislav Kaleta, Ing. Petr Skala, Ing.

Jan Uher, Ing. Elektro Engineering EZO, s. Brno Schneider-Electric cz Solartech s. Molotko, CSc. Comparison of some models of reaction kinetics in HV circuit breakers with SF6 after current zero.

The temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of the gas system. Liverpool: University of Liverpool, , p.

Brno: VUT Brno, , p. Electronic Lecture Notes, 90 pages. Brno, Electronic Lecture Notes, 99 pages. Electronic Lecture Notes, 62 pages.

Lecture Notes. ISBN Electronic Lecture Notes, 06 pages. Electronic Lecture Notes, pages. Lecture Notes, 75 pages. Electronic Lecture Notes, 02 pages.

Practice book. Lecture Notes, 74 pages. In Czech VI. Brno: Brno Univesity of Technology, Peter switching station, Neunburg solar energy power plant, Zolling power plant for students specialized in electrical power engineering Rudolf Autrata, DrSc.

Miroslav Cenek, CSc. Karel Liedermann, CSc. Martin Frk, Ing. Miroslav Haman, Ing. Brno Bochemie Ltd. Blansko BVV Co. Brno Cink Co.

Karlovy Vary Condata Ltd. Olomouc Crytur Ltd. Prague KnapCar Ltd. Brno Omnis Expo Ltd. Olomouc Polymer Institute Ltd. Brno Preciosa Co.

Sokolov Solartec Ltd. Brno TG Numic Co. Brno Railway Buildings V. Nordersted, Germany Dept. Ion, Test and Special Methods. Praha, Academia, , p.

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Electrical Engineering and Information Science Virtual Laboratory, software. Brno, VI. Research Report, Brno, Annual Report No.

Lecturers: RNDr. Pavel Dobis, CSc. Laboratory of Nanometrology. Laboratory of Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy. Prague Optokon s.

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Noise and Self-Healing of Tantalum Capacitors. Thoughts for the New Millenium. Chapter: The World of Non-linear Effects.

Chapter: Amazing Self-Organization. Local optical characteristics of semiconductor surfaces. Control of the self-work of university students in Physics.

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Complex project of study support for handicap students, in Czech VI. Ladislav Baumgartner, PaedDr. Froehling, M.

Y2,3, win. Y3, win. Y2,3,4 win. Y3,4, win. Y3,4,5 win. MSM , principal investigator: Prof. Jan M. MSM principal investigator: Prof.

XII, no. ISSN Baumgartner, PaeDr. Baumgartner, PhDr. Language Institute of Military Academy Brno, 4. Jan Chvalina, DrSc.

Jaroslav Bayer, CSc. Josef Zapletal, CSc. Petr Fuchs, Ph. Otto Tyc, CSc. Each of these laboratories is equipped with 0 computers for students and one for the teacher.

Havel Melkes Summer 39 hrs. Pierguilio Corsini, Udine University, Dept. Nowak, Klagenfurt University, Austria Prof.

On weak reflections in some superclasses of compact spaces I. Asymptotic convergence criteria of solutions of delayed functional differential equations.

On an initial value problem for singular integro-differential equations. Demonstratio Mathematica, , Vol.

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Encyklopedia of Mathematics. Chapter: d'Alembert equations for finite sum decompositions. Dordrecht: Kluver Acad. Press, Kiev University, Series:Physics and Mathematics.

Chapter: Systems with weak delay in the plane. Modelling and Simulation of Systems. Ostrava: , , p. Logical Fallacy? In XX. Colloquium on Differential and Difference Equations.

Brno: Masaryk University Brno, , p. Algebraic join spaces of first order linear partial differential operators. In International Mathematical Workshop.

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Singular initial value problem for nonlinear integro-differential equations In. Symposium Mathematik - K? Jan Chvalina, D. Review of the article - Charatonik, Janusz J.

English [J] Math. Pannonica 3, No. Preparatory course of Mathematics. We established a course for the secondary school students to prepare them for the entrance examination at technical colleges.

Seminar on the differential equations, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University. Participation in and organization of the seminar. Seminar on the history of mathematics, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University.

Participation in the organization of the conference. Vladislav Musil, CSc. Ivan Szendiuch, CSc. Milan Recman, CSc. Petr Hub, Ing.

Roman Prokop, Ing. David Chvastek, Ing. Ahmad Khateb, Ing. Filip Mika, Ing. Feras Moalla, Ing. Radek Kuchta, Ing. Robert Pasz, Ing.

Miroslav Hora, Ing. Karel Malysz, Ing. Michal Bazalka, Ing. For special purposes: capacity meter HP A, digital oscilloscope Tektronics Optoelectronic: lasers, holography, measurement of spectral properties of optoelectronic components characteristics, measurement of optical fibre parameters.

Electron lithography: electron beam lithograph BS , computers for exposition data preparation and exposition check. Lothar Abicht, isw Halle-Lipsko, Germany.

November , Dipl. February , Lecture: New developments and trends in dedicated smart-power integrated circuits for automotive electronics.

Istvan Cocron, Dr. Robin Shields, National Semiconductor, May , , cooperation in the field of integrated circuit design Dr.

Paavo Takalo, National Semiconductor, September , , cooperation in the field of integrated circuit design Prof. January , , August , , September , Research cooperation.

September , Valerie Loosveld a Ing. Possible research cooperation. Workshop on Design of high-sped PCBs. June 7-, June , May Socrates Programme.

Duration of 3 years. Agreement with the Brno Council. BD Sensors, s. Six sigma koncepce a metodologie Six sigma Conception and Methodology. Klaus Christian Holtfreter, Dr.

Hans-Joachim Sommer, Dr. Maren Bockholt, Dr. Ewa Schiewe, Dr. Ulrike Pohl, Dr. Rita R. Trettin Hamburg Hudtwalckerstr. Kurt Wolff, Dr.

Carsten Papenberg, Dr. Kai Uwe Peek, Dr. Gabriele Wohlrab, Dr. Philipp Goebel Hamburg Harksheider Str. Benjamin Eberhard, Dr. Mathias Bertram, Petra Dollmann, Dr.

Daniel Gharaei, Dr. Erdmann von Salisch, Dr. Norbert Breuer, PD Dr. Konstantinos Akrivakis, Dr. Stefan Herlein, Prof.

Frauke von Bodelschwingh, Dr. Axel Schmidt Dr. Oliver Drieschner Dr. Ingo Jendral, Dr. Hannes Schnoor Gemeinschaftspraxis Allgemeinmedizin Dr.

Martin Neuhauss, Dr. Werner Behrens, Dr. Harlad Buermann, Dr. Christoph Steen, Gerald Barth, Dr.

Olms, Dr. Wulf B. Drewes, Hubert L. Sax, Dr. Carsten Boger, Dr. Thomas Freitag Dr. Hans-Heinrich Wacker, Dr. Thomas Fronzek, Hauke Wolters, Dr.

Jann Erdmann, Dr. Bodo Stoschus, Dr. Kerstin Vogel Westerland Kjeirstr. Standort: Westerstr. Burkhard Otremba Dr. Daniel Reschke Dr.

Heidi-Susann Neumann, Dr. Dunja Fuchs, Dr. Ulrich Lammers, Dr. Hollmann, Dr. Funke, Dr. Gaus, Dr. Detlef Malinski, Dr. Gerold Hecht, Dr.

Bernd Weimar, Dr. Mary Andresen, Dr. Elmar Scheche Norden Osterstr. Dietmar Reichert, Dr. Andrea Schneider, Dr. Johann-Markus Deinhard, Dr.

Ralf Kiene, Dr. Gerald Kuboschek, Annette Heuermann, Dr. Torsten Berg, Dr. Hans Koltze, Dr. Thomas Gohlke, Dr.

Andreas Schulz, Dr. Rolf Detlef Ehrlich, Dr. Susanne Felshart, Dr. Carlo Huss Schneverdingen Schulstr. Heike-Franziska Weidemann, Prof.

Kristine Baumann, PD Dr. Sabine Heger, Dr. Jochen Roux, Dr. Susanne Hasse, Dr. Ralph Wassmann, Dr. Rafael Nowak, Dr.

Galina Bercht, Dr. Godehard Obst Burgwedel Hanoversche Str. Lars Terp, Dr. Eva Verweyen-Steichele Hildesheim Almsstr. Werner Freier, Dr. Martin Bendel, Dr.

Sigrid Klara Borberg, Dr. Susann Popella, PD Dr. Helmut Anderten, Dr. Axel Preiskorn, Dr. Pamela Hilgenberg, Dr. Wolfgang Baie, Dr.

Hans-Ulrich Matthaei Hameln Hermannstr. Christine Boragk, Dr. Raffael Sebastian Boragk, Dr. Alix Detmer, Dr. Gerhard Upmeier Gemeinschaftspraxis Allgemeinmedizin Dr.

Gerald Kreft, Dr. Dirk Westermann, Dr. Ulrike Knoll, Dr. Rainer Becker, Sven Bendau, Dr. Horst Klewer, Dr. Dierk Schmitz, Dr.

Heinz Stratmann, Dr. Nicole Kronenberger, Georg Zeller, Dr. Finke, Dr. Hermann-Josef Grauel, Dr. Hans-Rolf Schindler, Dr.

Ralf-Adam George, Dr. David Kaminski Gemeinschaftspraxis Radiologie Dr. Wolfgang Jaschke Rotenburg Poststr. Marion Braun, Dr.

Gert Schacher-Gums, Dr. Stephan T. Samel, Dr. Achim Echtermeyer, Dr. Sven Detken, Dr. Angelika Matzenauer, Dr. Dirk Wagner, Thomas Purrucker, Dr.

Anke Sandr, Dipl. Michael Hartwig, Dr. Sayed Tarmassi Braunschweig Fallersleber Str. Geburtshilfe IVF Dr.

Evelyn Richter, Dr. Burkhard John, Dr. Frank Schwarzlose Genthin Karower Str. Volker Biermann, Dr. Detlef Holzwig, Dr.

Stefan Ritter, Dr. Georg Fudickar Wuppertal Herzogstr. Rudolf Voigtmann, Dr. Roland Rudolph, Dr. Jana Sengpiel, Dr. Ulla Freifrau von Verschuer Essen Henricistr.

Geschlechtskrankheiten Dermatologie Dr. Anke Porwollik Essen Borbecker Str. Joachim Thiel, Dr. Helmut Zachewicz, Dr. Ursula Scheper, Dr.

Hubert Scheper, Dr. Heinz Manzke, Dr. Wolfgang Zigrahn, Dr. Klaus Michler, Dr. Theo Busch, Dr. Eberhard Flicker, Dr. Ekkehart Frank, Dr.

Claas-Christian Riechers, Dr. Franz-Josef Schmidt, Dr. Stephan Koehlen, Dr. Carsten Ziske, Dr. Helmut Forstbauer, Dr. Ernst Rodermann, Dr.

Philip Kuhlmann, Dr. Erik Gabriel Mainz Emmeranstr. Sigrid Weikel, Dr. Simone Seelig Mainz Kaiserstr.

Helmut Kopp, Dr. Renate Bork-Kopp Dr. Britta Perner, Dr. Tanja Schaefer, Dr. Barbara Winter, Dr. Carola Brose, G. Erwin Schlaudt, Dr. Michael Hahlbrock, Dr.

Onkologie: Prof. Rudolf Weide, Dr. Jochen Heymanns, Dr. Astrid Weber, Dr. Monika Bartz, Dr. Sabine Hintze, Dr. Ulrich Hintze, Dr.

Armin Geilgens, Dr. Barbara Remy-Hammer, Dr. Martin Stauder, Dr. Johannes Peil, Dr. Carsten Frank, Dr. KG: Dr. Winfried Weiler, Dr. Volker Ritzel, Dr.

Lisa Singh Machado, Dr. Winfried Blum, Dr. Dieter Kranz Offenbach Rowentastr. Volker Becker, PD Dr. Stefan Milowski, Dr. Michael Henrich, Dr. Dan Apotecher, Dr.

Reinhold Thaler, Dr. Christian Tautz Gemeinschaftspraxis Chirurgie Dr. Kornelia Schnecker, Dr. Jugendpsychiatrie u.

Rainer Vorberg, Dr. Adrian Chinta, Dr. Alexander Hurst, Dr. Susanne Pieschl, Dr. Benjamin Simonis Darmstadt Frankfurter Str.

Peter Schwalbach Bensheim Promenadenstr. Thorsten Mihm, Dr. Ulrike Spettel-Stauder, Dr. Rudolf Hettmer, Alexandru Spielhaupter, Dr.

Christof Melcher, Dr. Christian Piper, Dr. Peter Jensen Wiesbaden Geisenheimer Str. Serban Salup, Dr. Uwe Goerttler, Dr. Jutta Witzke-Gross, Dr.

Klaus Graafen, Dr. Christiane Becker, Dr. Christoph Fritz, Dr. Wolfgang Drossard, Dr. Peter Frank, Dr. Benedikt Hilka, Dr. Michael Schmidt Frankfurt Liederbacher Str.

Ralf Denger, Dr. Andrea Kusch, Dr. Oliver Kusch, Dr. Olaf Braun Kusel Bahnhofstr. Thomas Schmidt, Dr.

Clemens Feldmann, Dr. Axel Frank, Dr. Volker Kaufmann, Dr. Annette Neumeister, Dr. Michael Hahn, Eberhard Schmid, Dr.

Martin Kornmann, Dr. Maria Montero-Muth, Dr. Stephan Barthelmes, Dr. Gabriele Lammich-Seiz, Dr.

Wolfram Jung Einzelpraxis Allgemeinmedizin Dr. Waltraud Jobst Hanhofen Hauptstr. Birgit Bamberger, Dr. Joachim Maruschat, Dr.

Birgit Bamberger Kaiserslautern Eisenbahnstr. Heidi Schneider, Dr. Ulrich Barkow, Dr. Andreas Strohmaier, Dr.

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Dr Möller Wiesbaden Video

Medical studies in Germany [Protestant Hospital Mettmann – UMCH teaching hospitals] Dr MГ¶ller Wiesbaden

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